a BCA sanctioned 8-ball League


Board of Governors Election Results

New Board Members for 2018

Karen Zaborowski
Cori Ortiz   (re-elected)
Tima Fanning

Congratulations to the Winners of our Fall 17 Sudden Death Fundraiser

1)  Nancy Adair
2) Teofilo Moe Jr.
3) Robert Trucios
4) Ken Franck

Congratulations to the Fall 17 Fundraiser II Winners

9-ball @ Lakewood

1) Tom Downey
2) Jerry Byrne
3) Grant McDonald


Mini 8-ball @ the Mineshaft

1) Luis Morales
2) Robert Trucios
3) Dan Campbell
4) Dennis Ryan

Update to Schedule

The schedule has been changed to show new time for the 3rd LBPL Golf Tournament.

Captain’s Tournament Winners Fall ’17

1) Lauren Ward
2) Seiji (CJ) Sado
3) Dennis Ryan


Fall17 Friends N Lovers Tournament Winners

1)  Richard Walker & Jim Power
2) Teofilo Moe & Tommy Punzalan
3)  Dan Campbell & Arnold Castellanos

Our New Statistician (Robert Trucios) Compiling Registration Forms

For the new Fall 17 season, send scoresheets to robert.trucios@gmail.com.

Congratulations to the Spring 17 HiLo Winners

1) Luis Morales & Rosalind Bullard
2) Richard Walker & Janet Murray-Roberts
3) Hajem (Jim) Power & Seiji (CJ) Sado
4) Kelli Florman& Jerray Banday



Spring 17 Joey Reda & Friends Memorial Tournament

The Crowd



The Winners

1) Richard Walker
2) Luis Morales
3) Lauren Ward
4) Michael Jackson