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BOG Meeting

Captains and players we want to inform you that the board will be meeting on 7/13/2022 @ 6pm at a board members house to address comments and concerns about the league plus we still need to set locations for tournaments, fundraisers and wrap up loose ends on the boards side. Captains you are more then welcome to attend, just speak with one of the board members to find out the exact location. As a board we understand that many changes are needing to be decided since since we are moving to once a year West Coast Challenge, all cities are having to make these adjustments. If you don't agree with a proposal that has been submitted now is your chance to write a proposal of your own to be voted on. To reinterate much thought has gone into each of the proposal by the rule book committee and the BOG. We don't take these changes lightly and want to stress this is your league and your opportunity to shape how we move forward.

Cheers & Love,



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