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WCC 82 Los Angeles - August 25-27, 2023

We are proud to announce that our sister league, the Los Angeles Pool League, will be hosting this years’ West Coast Challenge LXXXII

Room rates are locked in at $179.00[1] per night.  Parking $20.00[2] per day.

Want to arrive earlier in the week and/or stay later?  Well, these rates are locked in from August 22nd to August 29th.

Deadline to reserve your room will be August 4th.


[1] Taxes, Fees, and Incidentals are not included in the rate listed.  The LBPL is only responsible for one (1) night of stay plus tax per qualifying player or delegate, unless you room up with another LBPL qualifying player or delegate.

[2] This parking fee is all inclusive, which means the taxes are worked into the total cost,  The LBPL is not responsible for this fee.


2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505 August 25 to 27, 2023


Team Winners

Garage Hitters
Jesse (Crash) Palomares (Captain)
Tom Downey Jr.
Erik Chacon
Teofilo Moe Jr.
Tommy Punzalan
Tommy Nguyen


Open Individuals

1. Rick VanBeveran (LB)
2. Will Shaheen (SF)
3. Ran Refael (LA)
4. Julian Salazar (LB)
5. Nellie Del Rosario (SD)
6. Robert Trucios (LA)
7. Marcelo Aviles (SF)
8. Kevin Dewar (SF)



1. Crystal Kelem (SF)
2. Valerie Porter (LB)
3. Janet Larson (SD)
4. Joanne Mattingly (SD)


Hi-Lo Winners

Tom Seymour & Jojo Abuda (SF)

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