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Welcome LBPL Members,


I would first like to say, “Welcome!!!” to all of our returning members, and to the new members starting off in the Long Beach Pool League’s 2022/23 Season.  


The Members of the Board have been listening, as well as remaining as transparent as possible.  And with that, we came up with a schedule this year that surpassed anything this league has ever seen in its history.  We have structured this season around a Full Double Round Robin.  What does this mean for you?  More play, more fun!


In addition, we are working on having other fundraising tournaments and events like the Chili Cookoff Tournament, and more.  Watch the Google Calendar on our website for upcoming events.


I would like to congratulate all of our members who participated in the West Coast Challenge 81 in San Francisco this past August. In addition, we are looking forward to having fun at next year’s West Coast Challenge 82 hosted by the Los Angeles Pool League, date & venue will be announced once confirmed.


Now let's go have some fun and shoot some great pool!


Jeff Weaver

President, Long Beach Pool League

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