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Dear LBPL Members,

It was a long 2022-2023 season and a lot has changed, however we all managed to get through it with the help of the General Membership, the BOG, and our WCC 82 Delegates.

And with that said let us first, start the year off by congratulating our WCC 82 Delegates and those who trophied:



Garage Hitters:  Jesse (Crash) Palomares-Captain, Tom Downey Jr., Tommy Punzalan, Teofilo Moe Jr., Erik Chacon and Tommy Nguyen.


1st Place-Rick VanBeveran & 4th Place-Julian Salazar


2nd Place-Valerie Porter


Now on to business.  This year we only have 13 teams and in need of at least one more.  So if you know of anyone who is wanting to start a team in our league, please encourage them to contact any of the BOG for information.

This year’s BOG consist of the following:


President: Michael Valery

Vice President: Charlie Tripp

M.A.L.: Grant McDonald – Tournament Director

M.A.L>: Rob Read – Statistician

M.A.L.: Hae Yong Min – TBD


This year we are have another full round robin.  In addition, we listened to everyone’s concerns and comments and have implemented the following:

1st, we extended the Holiday Seasons so that everyone would have time to spend with their families.

2nd, we have added Cash Tournaments into the mix.  Games and amount of buy-ins to be determined.

3rd, we have also allowed for BCA time off for those of you who wish to attend in 2024.


Lastly, though our WCC 84 is in 2025, we are going to start the process soon in starting up the WCC Committee.  Any of you who are interested in joining the committee, please email any of the BOG your interest in participating.


Reminder:  Please be courteous and respectful to other members of the league, our Sponsors, and their customers.  DO NOT bring outside drinks or food into any of the venues unless otherwise specifically allowed by the management of the sponsors.


Be Safe, Have Fun, and Good Luck to you all.                      –BOG


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