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Quick List of Fouls (from section I: LBPL Playing Rules 8-ball):


  1. Coaching over time limit. Coach must leave the play area, ending the conference, when time is up (1 minute). Failure to terminate conference is a foul. (A-10-a)

  2. Last player to touch cue ball. If, during a conference, the coach handles the cue ball and the active player is not the last to handle it before shooting, it is a foul. (A-10-c)

  3. Outside assistance. Except in the process of a normal conference, if the active player receives advice, it is a foul. (A-10-d)

  4. Slow play. If a shot-clock is being used, when a player’s allotted time has elapsed without that player executing a shot, it is a foul. (18)

  5. Legal break shot. If the active player does not pocket a ball or drive at least 4 numbered balls to a rail on the break, it is a foul. (B-2)

  6. Deflecting the cue. On the break shot, stopping or deflecting the cue ball after it has crossed the head string and prior to hitting the racked balls, is a foul. (B-3)

  7. Scratch on a legal break. Scratching on an otherwise legal break shot is a foul. All balls remain pocketed. (B-5)

  8. Legal shot. On all shots a player must cause the cue ball to contact a legal object ball and then (1) pocket a numbered ball, or (2) cause the cue ball or any numbered ball to contact a cushion. Failure to do so is a foul. (C-1)

  9. Striking cue ball. Cue ball must be struck only with the tip of the cue stick, otherwise it is a foul. (C-2)

  10. Foot on floor. Active player must have at least one foot in contact with the floor while shooting, otherwise it is a foul. (C-6)

  11. Shooting with balls in motion. If a player shoots while the cue ball or any object ball is in motion (a spinning ball is in motion), it is a foul. (C-7)

  12. Accidental disturbance. If the active player accidentally moves a ball or balls during a shot, and the cue ball or a numbered ball touches one or more of the disturbed balls, or passes through the area where they were (or the disturbance otherwise affects the outcome of the shot), it is a foul. (C-10)

  13. Restored ball(s). In the case of an accidental disturbance, it is a foul to play another shot before the balls are restored. (C-10)

  14. Contact with the cue ball. Any contact with the cue ball while it is in play, other than the normal act of shooting, is a foul. (C-10)

  15. Scratch. If the cue ball is pocketed during a shot (scratch), it is a foul. (C-11)

  16. Failure to contact object ball. Failure to contact a legal object ball first during a shot is a foul. Playing away from a ball does not constitute having hit that ball. (C-12)

  17. Foul by placement. Touching any object ball with the cue ball while it is in hand is a foul. (C-14)

  18. Double hit. If the cue stick touches the cue ball more than once in a shot, it is a foul (C-15)

  19. Object interference. If any foreign object (such as chalk, bridge, or any other item) makes contact with any ball in play, it is a foul. (C-16)

  20. Illegal jump. If a shot strikes the cue ball below its center and intentionally causes it to rise off the bed of the table, it is a foul. (C-17)

  21. Ball(s) jumped off table. If a shot causes the cue ball or any numbered ball to come to rest anywhere other than the bed of the table or in a pocket, it is a foul (unless one of the jumped balls is the 8-ball, in which case it is loss of game). All jumped balls are spotted. (C-19)

  22. Object ball frozen to cushion. When playing a shot where the object ball is frozen to the cushion, the cue ball must contact the frozen ball and then 1) pocket the frozen ball or any other ball, or 2) drive the frozen object ball to another cushion, or 3) drive the cue ball or another ball to any cushion.  Failure to do so is a foul. (C-25)

  23. Illegal marking. If a player marks the table in any way to assist in executing the shot, whether by wetting the cloth, by placing a cube of chalk on the rail, or by any other means, it is a foul. If the player removes the mark prior to the shot, no penalty is imposed. (C-27)

  24. Illegal use of equipment. It is a foul to use any equipment or item for a purpose other than its normal function. (C-28)

  25. 8-Ball Combination. It is a foul to use the 8-ball as the first ball in a combination shot. (C-29)

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