Spring 2020 - Spring 2021 - NO PLAYOFFS

During this timeframe the world was hit with a pandemic not like anything before which took our modern planet to a stand still.  We in California chose to protect the lives of people than chose the economy so all venues for playing pool were shut down.


Hi-Lo Finals

1st - Tina / Chris
2nd - Sherry / Cory
3rd - Kelli / Rob

Individual Finals

1st - Julian
2nd - Tony
3rd - Rich
4th - Amin

 Women's Finals

1st - Pearl
2nd - Brenda
3rd - Nancy
4th - Peggy

 Team Playoffs Top 4:

1st - Am Rak
2nd - Pho Cue!
3rd - Broadway Bar
4th - Rack'em


 HiLo Top 4:

1st - Erik / Dennis
2nd - Cori / Melissa
3rd - Janet / Tina
4th - Pearl / Ken

Individual Top 8:

1st - Tommy Punzalan
2nd - Teofilo Moe Jr
3rd - Rommel Salas
4th - Nick Downey
5th - Dan Campbell

6th - Julian Salazar
7th - Rob Read
8th - Tony Barnes

Alts - 1st Jesse, 2nd Rob M

Womens Top 4:

1st - Rene Hagamen
2nd - Brenda Bent
3rd - Jenifer Sok-Trucios
4th - Nancy Adair

Alts - 1st Devi, 2nd Tammy S.

Team Finals:

1st - B4 MisFits
Stephanie Sparks
Robert Trucios
Lauren Ward
Mele DeVictoria
Arnold Castellanos
John English

Spring18 Playoffs

Team Playoffs

Tom Downey Jr  (Capt)
Brook Thomason
Nicholas Downey
Tommy Punzalan
Teofilo Moe Jr
Lyle Van Scyoc


Individual’s Playoffs

1st Arnold Castellanos
2nd Robert Trucios
3rd Dan Campbell
4th Stephanie Sparks
5th Rob Molina
6th Richard Walker
7th Tony Barnes
8th Michael Valery


Women’s Playoffs

1st Lauren Ward
2nd Melissa Schulz
3rd Marji Damoth
4th Kelli Florman


Hi-Lo Playoffs

1st Henry Guardado & Dennis Ryan
2nd Drew Steedle & Christina (Xtina) Garcia
3rd Michael Jackson & Luke Flaherty
4th Les Lamb & Daniel Lane

Fall17 Playoffs

Team Playoffs

Brook Thomason (Capt)
Tommy Punzalan
Tom H. Downey, Jr
Teofilo Moe Jr
Nicolas Downey
Rob Molina


Individual’s Playoffs

1) Dan Campbell
2) Lyle Junior Van Soyoc
3) Stevan Bailey
4) Daniel Lane
5) Richard Walker
6) Luis Morales
7) Jerry Byrne
8) Robert Trucios


Women’s Playoffs

1) Lauren Ward
2) Tima Fanning
3) Janet Murray-Roberts
4) Brenda Bent


Hi-Lo Playoffs

1) Julian Salazar & Les Lamb
2) Henry Guardado & Seiji (CJ) Sado
3) Kelli Florman & Pearl Tripp

Spring17 Playoffs

Team Playoffs

Brook Thomason (Capt)
Mark Whitehead
Tommy Punzalan
Dan Campbell
Tom H. Downey, Jr
Teofilo Moe Jr


Individual’s Playoffs

1) Trip Downey
2) Nick Downey
3) Henry Guarada
4) Wilfred Vera
5) Tony Barnes
6) Robert F. Trucios
7) Anderson Ly
8) Dave Sherry


Women’s Playoffs

1) Marji Damoth
2) Stephanie Sparks
3) Mele DeVictoria
4) Lauren Marie Ward


Hi-Lo Playoffs

1) Luis Morales & Rosalind Bullard
2) Richard Walker & Janet Murray-Roberts
3) Hajem (Jim) Power & Seiji (CJ) Sado
4) Kelli Florman& Jerray Banday