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The Long Beach Pool League is a volunteer run, not-for-profit organization that offers structured opportunities for its members to engage in organized billiards/pool competition as well as other social activities.  Additionally we promote high standards of sportsmanship, skills development and instruction.  Many of our members are from the LGBT community but we welcome everyone. 

We have both Spring and Fall seasons that last about fifteen weeks each plus playoffs.  We are a Billiards Congress of America (BCA) sanctioned league and presently have approximately 120 members. We schedule a variety of social events which serve to raise funds, improve skills and provide opportunities to win trophies.


Each season’s playoffs determine participants for a state tournament called West Coast Challenge (WCC) which is one of the longest running tournaments of its type dating back over 30 years.  The WCC brings together the top players form San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego to compete in a series of concurrent 8-ball tournaments. These contests include the champion teams; top open individuals, women’s individuals, and the champion hi/low team from each city.  The WCC is hosted by each city in rotation and is held twice a year over a three day weekend at the conclusion of each city’s regular season.  These all offer trophies and a chance to go down in the record books as outstanding performers in these tests of skill and determination in a field of each city’s best players.  Qualifying to represent one’s city is highly prestigious and a common goal for most league participants.


How does sponsoring teams benefit the business owner?

During the season we bring eight to twelve people per pool table into the establishment on Monday nights.  These players drink and often bring friends to watch them play and socialize on a traditionally slow night for many of our sponsors.   This also provides an opportunity to introduce your establishment to new customers as well creating an activity for your existing patrons to represent and enhance loyalty to your business.  We also schedule additional tournaments, fundraisers and meetings which are attended by league members and friends.  Events like these can fill the establishment with people out for an enjoyable evening. We have a vibrant Facebook presence as well as a dedicated website.


There are some qualifications to become a sponsoring location for the Long Beach Pool League. Locations and playing conditions must be approved by the Board of Governors approximately a week before the designated registration night.  League matches are scheduled on Monday nights starting at 7:30pm with practice starting at 6:30pm. Matches typically wrap up some time around 11pm.   Each team consists of four to six players.

For more information please contact use our contact form. 



Board of Governors of LBPL

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