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Team Registration Form

Hello Long Beach Pool League Members and prospective Members.


In an effort to streamline and bring transparency to the league, the incoming Board of Governors has decided to move forward with the online registration process.  Though this method is not mandatory, it is encouraged.  This will help the new board in a couple of ways.

  1. It allows for the new BOG to get a stronger idea of roughly how many teams we will have, and

  2. Allows the new BOG to schedule the new season, and provide the new season's calendar ahead of the first night of play.

We are not only trying to make it easier on the BOG, but for the captains and players as well.


We are asking for each captain to complete the registration form ahead of the August 28th meeting.  If you feel more comfortable printing the registration form and bringing it with you, by all means, do so.  


Please click HERE for the pdf version.


Please provide all the information as we need to update the roster.  If you have new members and they have not signed the waiver, please click HERE for the pdf version.


Thank you for you help, and lets have some fun.

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