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Karen Zabrowski January 2020

She has been a member of the Long Beach Pool League for 23 years and she has served West Coast Challenge for 14.  During Karen’s years of service, she has always performed to the highest standards. She is a respected member of this assemblage because she is known for her integrity, honesty, good cheer and energy.   Her induction to this Hall of Fame is not only earned but well deserved.


Karen joined our league in the fall season of 1996.  Since then she has served as player, co-captain, captain and on the Board of Directors.  She assumed the position of captain when the original captain was ill. Needless to say, the team was not lost to the league.  She has participated and helped out with all league activities including mandatory fundraisers and all other events.


Karen has served on the Board of Directors for .many seasons.  She has held the offices of Co-chair, Secretary and Vice President. Her approach to these duties has always been with a sense of responsibility, integrity and good humor.  If any of you have ever been a BOG member, you know it takes a lot of patience and emotional stability.


Karen has also contributed to West Coast Challenge for a number of years.  She refereed WCC events beginning in the spring of 2009. Her contributions have included;  Event pre-planning and setup when Long Beach hosted WCC, Manning the front desk during competition at Long Beach, Refereeing, Timing of matches, Event breakdown and cleanup, And yes, most of you have purchased one or more raffle tickets from her.


Corina "Cori" Ortiz January 2020

She is one of the inductees for the 80th West Coast Challenge.  Cori joined the Long Beach Pool League in Spring 1996. She started refereeing at West Coast Challenges in Fall 1996.  She has always offered her assistance with West Coast Challenges over the years in any capacity needed. Cori played in the WCC Women’s event for the first time in Fall 1997, and has played during the Fall of 2005 and also in the Spring of 2007.  She has been very involved with the last two West Coast Challenges in the Long Beach helping run Tournament charts, finding trophies, and all the behind the scenes work, etc.. Cori is an essential part of the success of these events. She has been Long Beach Pool League Treasurer since Fall 2014.  As Treasurer of Long Beach Pool League her money and budgeting skills were pivotal in us being able host our last two West Coast Challenges, one of the best league treasurers we have ever had. The Long Beach Pool League thanks you for your many years of service and dedication to the League.


Charlie Tripp January 2018

Charlene (Charlie) Tripp is one of the best–known and recognizable players in the league. She joined in ’05 and has participated in many West Coasts Challenges as both a player in women’s and in Hi/Lo. Charlie has also volunteered as head referee for many years and continues to do so. Her team has won our Henry Carr Sportsmanship award many years in a row. Charlie is always willing to help out where needed and does so with a happy heart. In ’10 she met her wife and they were married in ’14, that same year she joined the BOG and became our leagues Vice President. She dedicated her time and energy to the league for 3 years before passing on the position to another one of our fellow pool players. Charlies sportsmanship and character make her a valuable member of the LBPL and someone that we are all better off for knowing.


Brook Thomason January 2018

Brook hit her first pool ball at about 11, I tried very hard to teach her but all she wanted to do was shoot balls, hard. That ball striking carried her for quite a while even in to the beginning of her League career. She began playing in the Long Beach pool League in 1998 at the request of her friend Jennifer Pass and has played continuously since then, 40 seasons. Her first appearance at a West Coast Challenge was in San Francisco where she took 2nd in women’s behind Mele DeVictoria (Brook still talks about the safety she missed in the finals and credits this loss for when she began to think there might be more to pool than just shooting balls, hard). She has won the WCC women’s twice and the teams many times. I enjoyed being on her first WCC winning team, it was exciting to bring the team trophy back to Long Beach after a long dry spell. I know she loves her many teammates, past and present, and that they have inspired her to play better pool, be a better person and have held her up when she has struggled. But, I believe, Brooks proudest LBPL accomplishment is having been the president for 2 years. I have heard her complain, only once or twice, but she is grateful to have helped the League get along and remember it’s all about pool, friends and fun.  Brook, I am very proud of your accomplishments and am honored to be a part of your Hall of Fame induction. Congratulations Daughter.


Dan Campbell January 2014

Dan Campbell started in the Long Beach Pool League in the spring season of 1999. He has played on many different teams and gathered many friends along the way. He contributed as a board member for LBPL as secretary and co-chairperson for many seasons. Dan was instrumental in helping to add a sportsmanship trophy to the LBPL. He first appeared at West Coast Challenge in the summer of 1999 where he was scheduled to be a referee but ended up getting to play and took his first trophy home (4th place open individuals). Since his first appearance he has captured many other WWC trophies including 1st place open individuals (won during the season LBPL captured all four 1st place trophies). Dan’s passion for the game of pool and his sportsmanship ability make him a fun and challenging opponent.


Tammy Strout January 2012

Tammy Stout was born in Huntington Park, Ca. and has been playing on leagues since 1996. She joined the Long Beach pool league in 1998. Tammy has been on the Board of Governors for Long Beach many times including holding offices as Vice President, Co-Chairperson, & West Coast Challenge committees. She won her first WCC trophy in 2002. She has won trophies at WCC 9 times. She has earned 1 trophy in the Team competition (WCC XLIV) & 8 trophies in the Women’s competition (1st WCC XLV, 3rd WCC XLVIII, 4th WCC L, 2nd WCC LI, 2nd WCC LII, 3rd WCC LIII, 4th WCC LVI, and 1st WCC LIX). She has won 23 plus trophies in our League including 7 Team trophies 2 for 1st place and 16 trophies in Women’s 9 for 1st place. Tammy has been an intrinsic part of the Long Beach Pool League for over ten years. Tammy “The Hat” Strout demonstrates her love of the game in sportsmanship, dedication, teamwork, humor, friendship and good will.


Candi Alvarado January 2008

As a long-time member of the Long Beach Pool League, Candi Alvarado has become part of the backbone of the league. During her 12 year membership, she’s been a board member for over 8 years, and has earned a reputation for being dependable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to serving the league. Candi serves on the Board of Governors as Statistician, Webmaster, and is also the league historian as well as filling any role she’s needed for. She has been the Tournament Director for West Coast Challenge, Head Referee on several occasions, Rules Coordinator, and has managed countless other tasks, all for which she is greatly appreciated


Stacy Harris Charter Member July 2005

Stacey has been on the Long Beach Pool League since the beginning. She was on the board of governors for many years. An advocate for the Women’s event at the WCC and instrumental in helping that happen. Stacey trophied the first time a Women’s event was held at the WCC (XVI) and played in many WCCs. A continuing league member and sponsor of the L.B. Pool League, Stacey is still giving to the league she loves and that loves her.


Jill Chop Charter Member July 2005

An original board member of the Long Beach Pool League, Jill has been Vice President, Treasurer, Statistician and Co-Chairperson. She has never missed a season as a player since the league began. She has played in the West Coast Challenge as a player four or five times. Jill’s enthusiasm and dedication is infectious and is loved by all.


Terry Martin Charter Member July 2005

Terry Martin is one of our founding members of Long Beach Pool League. He was instrumental in getting the Long Beach Pool League involved in the West Coast Challenge. He helped merge the South and the North Long Beach Leagues. He was on the Board of Governors for many seasons. Terry was on the first team from Long Beach to win a WCC (XXIII) team event for our city and has played in many WCCs.


Joe Cury Charter Member July 2005

Joe has been a staple on the Long Beach Pool League since its inception, including many years on the Board of Governors. He was Statistician for many years. He has been involved in the organization of nearly all of our WCC events through the 90′s. He has also played in the WCC events as a player. Joe is an integral part of our league with his constant smile, positive attitude and quick wit.


Janet Murray-Roberts Charter Member July 2005

Janet has contributed as a board member for the Long Beach Pool League for many years serving as President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Statistician and as Co-Chairperson. She has been involved in more than twenty West Coast Challenges as a player, playing in the team, Women’s competition and Open Individual events. She has won the Women’s’ Competition and placed five times. A dedicated board member and player who cherishes all the wonderful friends and memories she has gained from her WCC experiences.


Tima Fanning January 2020

She has been a member of the Long Beach Pool League since the fall of 1997.  Being one of the top female player in Long Beach, she has represented our league in West Cost Challenge many times as either a female finalist or as part of a Hi-Lo team.  She has won the WCC Women’s Tournament twice and has placed two other times. Tima has contributed her time and energy by being a LBPL Board member and a referee for WCC tournaments.  Besides her high-level playing skills and her diligent assistance with LBPL and WCC over the years, it is her excellent sportsmanship that has really put her into the 2020 WCC Hall of fame.  She is always willing to help other players to improve their game. Win or lose, she is always gracious. Tima is one of the key elements for her team winning the “LBPL Team Sportsmanship Award” six times, and also been awarded the most coveted award, the “Vice President‘s Best Sportsmanship” award.


Tom Downey January 2018

Let me start by saying just how much of an honor it is to be writing this letter to induct my dad into the WCC Hall of Fame. When I think of what it means to be a HoF inductee, I think of you and all you’ve done for the LBPL and WCC. From your late nights out helping someone hone in their skills and teaching them the game, to all the time and effort you put in as a board member. You started and continue to organize and run golf tournament fundraisers, from which all the proceeds go to the league. Tom’s Pool School was a big hit with a lot of new players and veterans alike. You’ve spent your own money, given your time, and all without ever asking for anything in return except that we take what you’ve given us and put it to good use. You haven’t been here since the beginning, but its hard for most of us to remember a WCC that you weren’t a part of. As long as I can remember, you have been a force to be reckoned with in the pool world, a break and run just waiting to happen. You didn’t just raise the bar, to me you are the bar. You are without a doubt the reason why the three of us play and have gotten to be as good as we are. But not only are you a great pool player, teammate, competitor, and champion, but you’re a great man, father and husband. Your love for the game is outmatched only by your love for your family. You’re good enough to win any event you choose to play in, yet you prefer to play the team event because it allows you to spend the most time you can with your family on the twice a year trips to WCC. You’ve led many teams to countless 1st place finishes in the LBPL, and many WCC team wins. I was lucky enough to be a part of two of those teams. The best pool I ever played was when we won WCC as a team. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me, for the league, and for all of us individually. I’m proud to call you my teammate, my teacher, my mentor and idol, but most of all I’m proud to call you Dad. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for always being there to make sure I’m doing the right thing, and making the best out of every situation. As my family begins to grow, I can only hope to be as great as you are and always have been. I love you dad, and I really can’t think of anyone else who deserves to be honored with a HoF induction as much as you do.


Rene & Kevin Hagaman January 2016

Rene started on the Long Beach Pool League in the Fall of 1996. She was soon a participant at WCC winning 1st place Womens in San Francisco WCC in 1999 and again in Fall 1999 winning 3rd place Women at WCC San Diego. Kevin joined the league the next season after Rene in the Spring of 1997. Kevin also became a regular participant at WCC’s Open Individuals. He won his first WCC trophy winning 2nd place Open Individuals 1999 San Diego and 2nd place Open Individuals in 2000 WCC Los Angeles. They have been an integral part of Long Beach Pool League ever since. Rene has played in Team, Women’s and Individuals many times. Kevin has played in Team and Individuals many times as well. They have many friends in all the leagues and even when not playing come to support.


Mark Jensen January 2012

Mark Jensen was born in Torrance Ca. and has been playing on the Long Beach Pool League since the early 90’s. Mark was on the Board of Governors as Treasurer for many years and has also served as WCC Tournament referee for many WCC. His support at many WCC events in an administrative capacity has been invaluable to the Long Beach Pool League over the years. He has participated in WCC in the Individuals Competition. Mark Jensen’s organizational; leadership, dedication, and people skills are a testament to his love of the league.


Randy Dickhens January 2010

Randy played in the Long Beach Pool League for eleven years, and has served on the Board as Treasurer. He has been both a referee and Head Referee for West Coast Challenge on several occasions as well as participated in two Individuals events and one Hi-Lo event. He enjoyed being Captain of his teams and bringing in new members, made many great friends, and cannot remember missing a week of play. He is honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Kim Girard January 2010

Kim first joined the Long Beach Pool League in 1995 and has served as Secretary, Vice President, and President. In her four seasons as President, she was instrumental in sanctioning the Long Beach Pool League with the BCA. She has competed in four West Coast Challenges in both Women’s and Team events, with a third place finish in Women’s competition. She has also competed in the BCA Nationals where she placed in the money. She values the time she spent on the League, has made lifelong friends, and is honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Paul Anderson January 2008

Paul Anderson contributed much to the Long Beach Pool League. He was always excited to participate, whether it was as a Co-Chair on the Board of Governors, or as a league member bringing home-made food to pool league functions. A member for over two decades, Paul volunteered hundreds of hours to the pool league, eager to help out in any way he could. He was an inspiration, a friend of the league, and genuinely fun to be around.


Jonnie Le Master Charter Member July 2005

Jonnie joined the Long Beach Pool League in 1988. She was president for over five years. She was instrumental in hosting the West Coast Challenge in a hotel venue for Long Beach. A formidable opponent, Jonnie has won 1st place in the Women’s Competition three times, 1st place in Team, 1st place in Hi/Low and placed 7th in the Open Individuals. Many proposals that became rules and practices of the WCC started with proposals she has made. Jonnie has many fond memories and accomplished many personal goals by being involved with the WCC.


Art Christensen and Gary Vanderwaal Charter Member July 2005

Art and Gary were two people who were instrumental in getting the LBPL involved in the West Coast Challenge. They helped merge North Long Beach with South Long Beach leagues into one larger league. Each was very involved with the league and WCCs until they passed away. They are missed and would be proud of our continued participation in the WCC tradition.


Henry Carr Charter Member July 2005

Henry has contributed as a board member for Long Beach Pool League for many years as President, Vice President and Co-Chairperson. As a dedicated Board member and player he has an eye for detail and has great organizational skills. Henry has played in many West Coast Challenges, playing in the team, individuals and Hi/Low events. He has had many great times and made many good friends through his West Coast Challenge experiences.


Rich Curtis Charter Member July 2005

Rich has participated as Long Beach’s #1 seed at the first West Coast Challenge in which Long Beach participated. He has been a fierce competitor at many WCCs since. Rich has played in the team, Open Individuals and in the Hi/Low events. He has played in almost every WCC since Long Beach came on board. Rich has been a valued asset on the board of governors serving as vice president and co-chairperson. He has met an awful lot of nice people through this game, including some who are no longer with us. He sincerely enjoys being a part of this group of people who meet every six months to share our love for the sport.


Joey Reda Charter Member July 2005

Joey played in over twenty West Coast Challenges. He was on the first team to bring a WCC trophy home to Long Beach in WCC XXIII. He has placed many times in the Open Individuals. Joey was always willing to share his pool knowledge and inspirations with any league member. He had a generous and giving heart and his legacy of sportsmanship and camaraderie is something we should all strive for.

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