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Open Individual Finals - Womens Finals - Hi-Lo - Joey Reda & More

Congrats to the following:

Open Individuals: 1st - Will Quach, 2nd - Jake Gonzales Felix, 3rd - Gerard McAvoy, 4th - Grant McDonald, 5th - Julian Salazar, 6th - Steve Marshall, 7th - Rick VanBeveran, 8th - William Huah

Womens Finals: 1st - Val Porter, 2nd - Candy Woods, 3rd - Sherry Martin, 4th - Pearl Tripp

Hi -Lo: 1st - Rich Curtis / Kelli Florman, 2nd - Charlie / Rommel, 3rd - Mike V. / MJ

Joey Reda Tournament: 1st - Melissa M., 2nd - Grant, 3rd - Rommel

Lastly if you want to play any of the money tournaments at WCC LA coming up at the end of August you must pre-register. See image below


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