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1st Gip Gipson Memorial Tournament

Long Beach Pool League members are invited to enter the “1st Gip Gipson Memorial Tournament”, scheduled for Saturday June the 19th, at Good Times Billiards around 12:00 or 1:00 pm. Entry will be a $28, ($25 entry free + $3 table fee). If you are interested, please Arnold as soon as possible to put your name on the list. The first 48 paid players will be able to play in the tournament.

Rules will be BCA rules, double elimination, race 2/1 due to finishing the tournament in one day.

More details will be available on the flyer that will be coming up by next week. We want to make sure that our local leagues have 1st shot in entering this tournament. A presentation before the tournament is also in the plans. More details later. Ones we reached full bracket of 48 players, there will be a waiting list (paid) for those players who sign up at the last minute in case someone drops out.


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