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Protest and BOG Response

Dear LBPL Captains and Pool Members,

Thank you for attending our first BOG/Captains Tournament yesterday, we appreciate your presence. This morning it was officially brought to our attention that a protest had been filed to a BOG decision that was made that morning and referenced in the Captains meeting.

During the meeting it was made aware that Mele DeVictoria would like to join B7 Pool Gang Tang (Jeff Weaver as captain). Per the rulebook, since this was past the third week of league play (fundraiser included), the BOG had to vote on the addition of a player to the team. We did this with a couple of other members this week as well. We reviewed the rulebook, followed these guidelines and voted yes based on stipulation.

1.1.3 Eligibility, Forfeiture, and Withdrawal

A. Provisions in this section can be overruled by two-thirds majority of the Board of Governors (BOG) due to special circumstances.

B. All members of the LBPL are not eligible to participate in any other team or league that is affiliated with the West Coast Challenge (WCC) during the current season.

During our BOG meeting it was made aware that Mele would be joining as an “honorary member” and would not be playing in the regular season, hence special circumstance, so we saw no issue with making this approval after discussing. We believe there was some miscommunication in sharing this point though the minutes from the meeting conquered that Mele did herself state she would not be playing in the regular season. Essentially she just wanted to be a paying member of our league but would not play.

The conversation then progressed into a discussion about wins & losses and how it would play out in the stats but we thought we clarified further she (Mele) would not be playing. However the conversation drifted into how hard it would be for the statistician to remove wins and losses of a player playing in another league, which we believe convoluted the conversation.

As the BOG we want to make it clear there was no ill intentions nor were we trying to skirt the rules. Our intent was good natured to allow a past member to pay dues to the league but not participate in league play. The BOG directors stands by our decision but this has brought to our attention that we do need to continue the discussion how members playing in another league might be able to play in the regular season and how that would play out in the stats. We hope that this official response will address the protest that was filed.

Warmest Regards,

Long Beach Pool League BOG

Official Protest Submitted:

Good Morning,

This email is my official protest that Mele DeVictoria is being allowed to play in two leagues. This is a CLEAR rules violation, shows favoritism, and is not within the duties of the board to overrule.

Y’all presented it at the meeting as fact and failed to disclose that y’all had just voted on it. You, yourself, said that we as a league need to start abiding by the rules within MINUTES of violating them.

Every single week is a qualifying week for teams. Y’all stated yourselves that it would be impossible to separate her stats. There is absolutely zero procedure for this BECAUSE it violates our rule book.

The rules are in place for a reason. We just had a dust up at the end of last season because of it and to do this is truly bad form. If this is all so she can submit a t-shirt design, y’all should’ve just voted to allow her to submit designs. Mele made a conscious choice to play for another league and she should have to abide by her decision instead of asking for preferential treatment. I have supported her in many of her other issues within the league but this is not right.

I propose that Mele not be added to a roster until this matter can be voted on by the captains at the next scheduled meeting.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am looking forward to a timely response.

Kate Frisch Captain, My B-Team (R-8) Lakewood Family Billiards


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