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Updated COVID-19

Residents of LA County are taking the warning state and local health officials gave as serious and credible as the number of cases in LA County has risen to 40.  The major concern of the LBPL continues to be of those players who have compromised health issues.  We have heard from several of them who have stated they will not be playing Monday night and we stand by your decision as your safety is the number one concern.  We are still in a wait and see day by day situation as we continue to monitor and continue to speak with our sister cities.  For now Monday night play is still scheduled but we recommend not hugging or shaking hands before/after a game, rather an elbow bump will do.  We also recommend washing your hands after each match before you touch your face or pick your nose 🤣.  Sorry we do need to interject some humor at times as we should not panic.  However as a board we have a duty to all its members and so we want to keep you updated as often as possible.  Players if you have concerns please make sure to bring them to your captain and captains please contact your assigned liaison.


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