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Updated Official LBPL Release

Hello all members,

We hope you all are doing well and safe. I know many of you are looking forward to getting back on the tables soon and I can expect many of us are going to be more than a little rusty.

As you might expect and after reaching out to the league captains we have canceled the remainder of the Spring 2020 season. All stats are final and will be marked with an asterisk. Also, WCC Los Angeles has been permanently canceled this July, so at this point it makes for an easy decision to end the season.

We still don’t know when the next season may commence. First, our bar sponsors will have to open up and second, we need to schedule the start of the season with our sister cities. Currently SF and LA are speaking about joining forces to host the next WCC in San Francisco and together with the other cities, we are looking at pushing the dates of future WCCs to possibly a Feb/March - Sept/Oct schedule as travel cost and hotel accommodations will be more affordable than the current schedule we have been running.

Regarding team dues, the board decided that all dues paid Spring 2020 will roll over to the next season. Any individual player refunds should be discussed with your team captain and it will be up to your team to decide how they want to handle players dropping or adding for the upcoming season.

Medallion Awards will be given out for the first 2 tournaments that took place. Since the third fundraiser did not take place, players who paid up front for that third fundraiser can either choose to donate those funds ($14) or roll them over to the next season. (Hopefully, the latter since we will not be collecting any dues for the next season.)

Since we were unable to hold a BOG election, the current board will continue as the BOG until we can hold the next election in the next upcoming season.

Moreover, we would like to go into the new season with the adjusted and revised rulebook in place. In order to pass this, we will be sending the captains a copy of the new rulebook for them to evaluate and ask questions for two weeks. After that we will hold an email vote by each of the captains on passing the new rule forward. As mentioned before, the biggest adjustment in the rulebook is formatting (playing rules come first. Duplicate rules were removed and the rules have been adjusted into a sequence that will make rulings during play easier and faster to find. More information will be sent in a following email.

Should any players have any questions, please bring them to your captains and the captains will contact your liaison on your behalf.

Understand that this is new territory for the Board, so please be patient as we iron out what will happen for the next few months. We look forward to seeing you all on the tables hopefully sooner than later.

Warmest Regards,

Long Beach Pool League Board of Governors


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