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LBPL Member Conduct

Unfortunately, yesterday we had a player knowingly lie and spread false information to his captain and also to other players in the league regarding the board’s decision to not return his portion of the dues for Spring 2020.  He has also stated that he intends to sue the LBPL, a non-profit league, over this issue.  We want to directly address this.

1. Before any decision was made concerning Spring 2020 and associated dues, all captains were consulted.  As you all know, this situation is unique, and to appease as many people as possible, we asked the captains for suggestions regarding dues.  

2.  Team dues are $260 per team, and with over half the season played, $130 would be possibly returned per team.  And with 6 people per team, this would be about $21.67 per person.

3. Most captains agreed that rolling over the dues into the next season would be fine.  In essence, this past Spring 2020 would be free.  So that’s what we decided to do.  

5.  If certain individuals are not playing next season, whenever that may be, and for whatever reason, that person can ask their captain for a portion of the dues, approximately $21.67, from their captain since their captain will not be paying dues for the next season.  

4. So that’s what the board decided to do.  Simple.  Nothing nefarious.  Nothing underhanded.  Nothing selfish.  

We want to express to you that this is not the behavior that we like to see in an LGBTQ friendly pool league whose sole purpose is to bring people together and have fun in a highly competitive format. Considering the struggles that many of us, our families, and our friends are facing during these unprecedented times, it is disappointing nevertheless to see any member act like this.

Stay safe out there,



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