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WCC LXXX Long Beach - January 3-5, 2020

Dear Guests,

The West Coast Committee LXXX would like to welcome you to Long Beach.  We hope that your stay and participation in the event will be a great one!  Should you have any questions or concerns please bring them to any members attention.  We will be running two special raffles for this event. One is a private Long Beach harbor boat cruise hosted by one of our very own players, Nancy Adair.  The second is an opportunity to win a two night stay in a deluxe suite at the Golden Sails Hotel, where LBPL hosted the last WCC.    


As an official statement, due to hotel policies which are strictly enforced in our event room, no outside alcohol may be brought in unless it was served from the Hilton hotel.  Should a fine be levied, LBPL will not be held liable and fine will be passed along to member(s) or association(s) responsible for action.  All participants will be asked to sign a release upon entry to the venue.  There is a hotel bar very close to outside of the event room that will be open late. We will also have a bar within the ballroom for off hours when we need it.    

Stay tuned to this page for further updates. 


Congratulations to all the players who have qualified and we wish you the best of luck!


Warmest Regards,

Board of Governors of LBPL
Jeff Weaver, President
Christopher Corder, Vice President
Cori Ortiz, Treasurer
Karen Zaborowski, Secretary
Melissa Schulz, Statistician & Webmaster
Mike Valery, Co-Chair


Team Winners

Am Rak (LB)

Tom Downey Jr. (Captain)
Nick Downey
Teofilo Moe Jr.
Tommy Punzalan

Brook Thomason

Xtina Garcia


Open Individuals

1st - Allen Badillo (LA)

2nd - Richard Walker (LB)

3rd - Arnold Castellanos (LA)

4th - Nick Lansdown (SF)

5th - Ray Cruz (LA)

6th - Ernie Elliot (SD)

7th - Al Bellestros (LA)

8th - Abdul Ibrahim (SD)



1st - Joanne Mattingly (SD)

2nd - Pearl Tripp (LB)

3rd - Saeromi Kim (LA)

4th - Lauren Ward (SD)

Hi-Lo Winners

Brian Haneiwich / Jefferson Javiar (LA)

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