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League Update

All Members,

As an update to all our members the board of governers (BOG) for the Long Beach Pool League (LBPL) has had numberous meeting over the course of the last couple months and the rule book committee (Mike, Grant, Melissa) has met as well to address rules/wording that needs to be adjusted to fit into the upcoming season. Last night the BOG met again to review / approve a schedule, review rulebook changes / proposals, bar sponsor location updates, finance updates and more. Minutes for this meeting will be forth coming.

However we want to share some important dates with you right away.

Team Registration - July 26th 7:00 pm Location for registration TBD but if you prefer captains can easily send your team registration to the scoresheets email before this date and time. However if you want to find out more details about the season please feel free to drop by and ask your questions in person.

1st Night of Play - Aug. 2nd 7:00 pm Friends & Lovers Rapid Fire 8-Ball will kick off our season again, location TBD.

West Coast Challenge - Aug. 12-14th San Francisco This event is on the books and our season will qualify for spots for this tournament like we have done in the past. Due to logistical issues and finance issues two sister cities said they no longer can support two WCC's a year so we are moving to once a year format. This was approved by all sister cities including LBPL.

Addition details and more information forthcoming.

Schedule - We are putting the finishing touches on the schedule and it will be released shortly. There is a lot of breaks in the year long schedule to accomidate vacations, holidays and more. For all teams there will be 27/26 weeks of play, depending on the final amount of teams. The format for the league will have to be approved by the captains so that will be coming shortly but I think you will be really excited with the format we are presenting.

Rulebook - As some of you might have recalled a rulebook committee was formed (Mike, Grant & Melissa) a couple years back to address what was very outdated, repetitive and large. The rulebook has been sitting for well over a year waiting for approval. The rulebook committee is still on the same page and in agreement with what we will be providing to be voted on. The rulebook was reformatted and very few words were added for clarification. All rules changes are broke out seperately and will need to be voted on individually.

Proposals - We have 12 proposals that need to be voted on to include into the new rulebook. Some of these proposals have to happen since we are moving to a year long schedule. Others are as simple are removing Bingo rules from the rulebook. Stay tuned for these proposal that captains will vote on shortly.

Cheers & Love



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