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League Update

Hello LBPL Members,

The LBPL BOG met the week prior and have now posted our minutes from that meeting to the website in case you care to review. Many conversation have been happening through out the Covid pandemic and we have been actively speaking with our sisiter cities to bring our pool league back to life as much as normal as possible.

Important Dates:

Monday July 26th we will be hosting registration at The Crest 5935 Cherry Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805. Captains please make sure you fill out the team registration form Captains do not need to be present at registration as long as you fill out the form and submit it to the BOG before the registration date. For this season we are waiving all bar sponsors fees to help support them.

Monday August 2nd will be our first week of play which is our traditional first fundraiser "Friends & Lovers". Location will likely be the same at Executive Suites but we are still confirming details. More will be forthcoming.

Important Announcement:

All captains were sent an email this morning providing materials (rulebook and proposals) for review for the next two weeks. Once the two weeks has passed all the captains for the coming season will be sent a Survey Monkey link to vote on the rulebook and all new proposed rules. The proposed new rulebook has not really changed much since we first provided it to you at the last captains meeting before Covid shut us down. The rulebook was just refortmated and any gramatical errors were fixed. All rules changes will be done seperately and the captains also recieved a second email with the proposals for consideration and voting. If you have questions about any of the proposals please direct them to your liaisons or Grant or Mike who are on the rulebook committee and help write them all. Some of the rules make complete sense, some of the rules are closing exploited loop holes while others have to be voted on for the new longer season. Captains please make sure to share with your team members to get their buy-in before voting.

Cheers & Love,



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